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This page brings you details of all Angelic Multidimensional Healing System Practitioners who have asked to be included on this website. All have been trained by qualified Master Teachers or Teaching Masters of the system. Those designated "Master Practitioner" will have completed their Practitioner training and practised as such, before completing further training to extend and enhance their practise. You can read about what is involved in their different stages of training by following these links to the Practitioner training and Master Practitioner training pages. 

Practitioners are listed by location (County/Country) and surname in alphabetical order. Contact details are shown according to each Practitioner's wishes, and where website addresses are given you can follow the link directly to their own website(s).

NB: All wording in the "details" sections are "as given" by each Practitioner in their listing request, and as such reflect each individual's personal views and opinions. The AMD Founders and Webmaster accordingly accept no responsibility or liability regarding the accuracy or veracity of their content.


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SA43 2QL


I practise a wide range of therapies for mind, body and soul. To me the human subtle bodies are an amazing complex of colour and form and I feel privileged to understand how to work with what I see to help bring about bodily harmony and balance through my hands-on healing work and etheric surgery, or to help effect change through my hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching and soul path channelling work. AMD is especially joyful to work with and I feel honoured to work in harmony with the many and varied wonderful Beings of Light that present themselves through me in those healing sessions. (e-mail)
(01239) 682676

07794 267870


89 Sea View Road, Poole,
BH12 3LR


Working with AMD has finally given me everything I have been searching for. It is amazing to work with and the support from all who we can connect with through it is truly beautiful. Metatron has certainly got a wonderful way of lovingly allowing me to grow and extend my energy fields and this I wish to share with you. My other therapies offered are: Spinal reflexology, Usui Reiki, Indian Face Massage and Thai foot massage. (e-mail)
(01202) 770603

07800 762659


26 Old Rope Walk, Poole
BH15 4AU


Having found AMD I feel that it is the final piece of the puzzle which I have been searching for. I have worked with Angels for over 10 years and this has now all finally come together for me by way of completion. All students of Reiki should further their development by taking this amazing step upwards. I also offer Reiki healing / teaching and Munay-Ki workshops (the 9 rites of the Ancient Inca). (e-mail)
(01202) 681484

07790 271499


22 Oakham Grange
Manor Close, Ferndown
BH22 9BD


In 25 years of being an intuitive, spiritual healer and therapist, I have never experienced such positive shifts forward and deep satisfaction from receiving and offering AMD healing. A truly transformative healing that assists you to shift forward in the direction that your Soul truly desires. How simply wonderful to hand over to the Angelic Realms, for they already KNOW what needs healing in you. I also offer self-healing meditation classes, colour therapy, aura-soma, clothing colour analysis, and healthy home and business surveys. (e-mail)
(01202) 897500

07790 634668


13 Shaftesbury Close, West Moors, Ferndown
BH22 0DZ


When asked why I work with the Angels I answer "because they bring me Joy". They remind us that there is a limitless supply of joy available for us if we only ask. Angels are my constant companions, friends, helpers and protectors and I cannot imagine living my life without them. I ask for nothing more than to continue in my exploration of the Divine, with their assistance, and then to be given the opportunities to share it with others. Through "Joy Unlimited" my wish is to play a part in spreading this joy throughout the world, through the amazing benefits of Angelic Multidimensional Healing, together with Usui Reiki and the paintings and artwork I channel from my experiences with them.
(01202) 895236

07957 208135


BH24 2BZ


My connection with the Angelic Realms has been an amazing and enlightening journey for me and this has been strengthened by being able to help others. I offer Usui Reiki and Angelic Multidimensional Healing.
07752 899691
Jess Kaur

Sunbury On Thames
TW16 7SD


Angelic Multidimensional Healing is about change: it's life-changing; it's a profound, yet safe, high frequency multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion. Angelic Multidimensional Healing is noticeably different from other healings, and I have found it to be a powerful tool of Ascension. Every healing I have given has had masses of impact to client, and amazing physical healing results.
07584 568311

West Wittering


Since 1995 I have studied and practised with Usui Reiki Healing to Master Practitioner and Teacher level and also studied and work with the Seichem, Cartouche, Angelic and Shipiden forms. Completion of other courses and workshops on cranio-sacral therapy; dowsing; crystals; animal healing and sound healing / therapy have furthered my practical "hands-on" skills and deepened my connections with the Angelic Realms and with my Guides, all of which has led to me developing my own unique Vibrational Energy Healing practise. (e-mail)
(01243) 672856


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