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"On Wings of Love":
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This website has been created by the founders and originators of the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System (AMD), to explain what the system is, how it works, how it came to be created, and provide information about the training and benefits offered. It provides anyone who wishes to learn AMD for their personal healing and growth and/or to practise or teach AMD to others with a Directory of registered Teachers, and also provides anyone who would like to benefit from receiving this powerful healing treatment with a Directory of registered Practitioners who have trained and qualified in the system.

The first seeds of AMD were sown in December 2007 when the founders of the system were invited to participate in an event that grounded enhanced Archangelic energies to the Earth, in order to initiate and promote profound healing and growth, and assist planetary and personal Ascension. The Archangels and Archeia concerned Unified and were given a new title - that of "Archaeon" - to acknowledge that their roles had been extended to undertake the supervision and training of certain souls to ready them to take on more responsibility for themselves and their world. Many Light-bearers, Lightworkers and Light Warriors of Earth were then asked to accept more accountability for the growth and health of the Earth and all its sentient life-forms, and learn to assume charge of some of the assignments that were previously borne by the Angels and Archangels. One part of this entailed a co-operative project whereby humanity could learn once more to work hand-in-hand with the Angelic Realm - and thus Angelic Multidimensional Healing (AMD) was born.


The introductory "Angel-Heart" Healing course and the 4-level/5-stage Professional Practitioner and Teacher courses offer a powerful healing system, whereby Practitioners and Teachers work in union with the Angelic Realms to help bring about wholeness and balance on all levels for themselves and others. All stages were developed under the charge and support of a group of Eminent Beings of Light, including The Melchisadek, Archaeon Metatron, Uriel and Michael and Archangel Tzadkiel, and were based upon the founders' understandings acquired through many years experience in researching, writing and teaching courses and workshops on Archangels and Archaeon, Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Ascension, Subtle Energy Healing and Reiki. (See more about the founders here.) 

The attunement processes prepare a Practitioner to start working with Angelic Beings of Light and establish a conscious and permanent link with the Angelic Dimension though a sacred bond or covenant created with a specific Angel of Light who has stepped forwards to always BE with them. Whereas in many 'traditional' hands-on-healing modalities a Practitioner acts as a channel for Divine / Universal energies, in AMD the energies of the Angelic Realms merge with those of the Practitioner to enable their energies to be directly present for the benefit of the recipient. The adjustment and  enhancement of the Practitioner's energy signature also allows other Higher Dimensional Healing Masters to merge if applicable, thus broadening the scope of the healing offered: this is because the Angelic and Higher Realms in their infinite wisdom know what is appropriate at all times to promote healing, wholeness and balance, and the Practitioner need simply act as a focus and facilitator for those energies to be made directly available to the recipient. Additionally, because all Multi-Dimensional Light-Beings are not restricted by time or space, any aspects which require rebalancing and adjustment can be addressed, enabling the release of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances as well as karmic and ancestral issues regardless of Dimension, time or space.

During an AMD Healing session the Angel of Light that has partnered with the Practitioner routinely brings through High frequency energy, which they adjust to enable the energetic merger to become possible. That Angel then monitors and supports the Practitioner's energy field, judging the Practitioner's capacity to hold additional energies during a session and regulating the number and Power of other Beings that join in to promote and enhance the wellbeing of the recipient. This care of both the Practitioner and the recipient of the healing by the covenanted Angel is what makes the system safe for virtually anyone to work with or receive, regardless of their perceived level of experience or understanding. 

It is however also important to recognise that the quantum and frequency of the energy (Light) that can be held by any Practitioner for the benefit of its recipient remains limited by the clarity and capacity of that Practitioner's own energy field and frequency. Thus the ability to utilise those energies in the most effective way depends to a large extent on how much the Practitioner calling upon them works on their own clearance, healing and growth: this is one reason why commitment to self-improvement and self-healing is a required element of the system, especially for those wishing to extend their training to include Practitioner and/or Teaching Mastery.

the significance of the AMD colours and logo:

When formatting the background wallpaper of the website, which is a random pattern of silver-coloured spirals, it was discovered that superimposing a clockwise spiral over a counter-clockwise spiral created a graphic that resembled a heart nestled within 3 pairs of wings: thus (inadvertently) the Angelic Multidimensional Healing logo "On Wings of Love" was created! The graphic was then coloured in hues of lilac, violet, indigo and blue and outlined in gold to acknowledge the input and support of Metatron, Tzadkiel, Michael and Uriel throughout the evolutionary process of the AMD course and its ideals.

the wings are off...

(Words channelled by Hilary before the grounding of the Archaeon in December 2007)

The wings are off - there is no need to remain in disguise - either them or us.
For they are as we are: and we are as they.
In truth we too are Angels - all of us.
For them, there is no longer a need to be seen as "other" - a realm and race apart,
created by God in a different way to that of the race of "man".
The time has come for them to show themselves in the fullness, completeness and brilliance of their strength,
displaying their solidarity and equality with all those who have chosen the side of Light.
And what of mankind?
Brought up in a world much different to theirs through choice;
learning and growing so that we may understand that which seeks to cloak the Light,
and know darkness and polarity.
We have fallen so far we have seen ourselves until now as being "lesser" and so separate from the Angelics -
they on wings above us; we crawling the earth below.
But all are the same at source.
Created from sparks and with sparks of Light within us - ALL sons and daughters of God.
Now we too must step up.
Acknowledge our heritage and our roots; our connections and our lineage,
which joins us to those who have been seen before as "other" - greater; purer....
We ARE the same, with the same strengths and convictions; the same Light of Spirit within, through and around us.
The lines are drawn. Shoulder to shoulder we stand.
It is time for Angels and Man to be as ONE again.

the stranger
Part of the artwork entitled "The Stranger", held under the guardianship of "Inner Light"
Photograph © Mark Brittain
Original painting by Alison Knox of "EveryDayAngelsArt"
(more about this and her work on the "Inner Light" Lightworkers website)