BECOMING A teaching master

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Archaeon Metatron
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Once proficiency has been gained as a Master Teacher in teaching and attuning others to Pre-Practitioner, Practitioner and Master Practitioner level you may apply to the Founders to extend your teaching to include the Master Teacher course, and receive certification to teach all four stages of AMD as a Full Teaching Master. It is not deemed necessary to attend a training course as your existing teaching experience should enable you to understand and work with the training materials supplied for you to study at home without difficulty.



When you have met the required criteria you can apply to the Founders for a Teaching Pack that will contain all training materials required to enable you to understand how to teach the Master Teacher Course (for you to study at home); all manuals and supporting paperwork required by every official Teaching Master of the AMD system to enable them to teach the Master Teacher stage; and of course your official AMD "Teaching Master" certificate.

A full Course Information Sheet outlining the criteria and supplying details of all that is included in your Teaching Pack and its cost is available on request from any Teaching Master / Founder of the system (go to "Teacher Directory" page).