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hilary mark
Hilary (left) and Mark (right)

This page tells you how this Angelic Multidimensional Healing (AMD) system came about and explains a little about us as its founders, and about our philosophies as teachers and healing practitioners. Although we were originally based in Bournemouth, we now live and teach near Cardigan on the west coast of Wales, but as Teaching Masters of AMD we are also happy to travel anywhere within the UK to teach this wonderful and fulfilling healing system and share and promote the great benefits of working with and receiving AMD.

If you have a suitable teaching space and can gather a group of at least 5 other people who are keen to learn, practice and/or teach AMD, please telephone or contact us via the Teachers Directory. You (as course organiser) will be given a FREE PLACE in return for your time, effort and expense in arranging and hosting a course.

We (Hilary and Mark - husband and wife, soul-partners and twin-flames) have been working and studying in the field of vibrational, energetic, healing and spiritual disciplines since 1993. The Archangels, especially Metatron, Uriel, Michael and Azrael, have been within our conscious awareness since the end of the 1990s, when they and our other Guides began prompting us to begin sharing our work. Thus we founded the "School of Inner Light" in 2002 to offer training in holistic therapies and teach a range of workshops and courses written and created by us, all of which are aimed at spiritual development and personal growth. We also created a very popular and much-visited Lightworkers website, promoting and offering information and support to all those who wish to learn more about the "unseen" world about us to enhance their spiritual understanding. 

In 2010, following a five-year period of intense joint personal and spiritual growth, a close friend and accomplished artist channelled our "I AM" soul portraits along with words from those who Guide and oversee our work, which confirm for us our Path and our True nature: "...As these two create the One there are many opportunities for others to experience the sense of expansion and fluidity that comes with the immortal prospect of Divinity... Let those who seek the teachings and wisdom of the unified Ones find their need sated in Mark and Hilary. Let them know that their directions are already determined and that these Two will help to set the compass bearings which show the way Home..."

AMD is just a small part of what we offer to share with you now, to help "show YOU the way Home".

how Amd came about:

As a part of my personal on-going spiritual training and development I (Hilary) like to take new courses from time to time and have the opportunity to do something as a "student" rather than a "teacher". Thus, in 2007 I completed training as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and focused single-mindedly on the processes I had been shown in order to enhance and clarify the experience that this method had gifted me for the benefit of those I was to teach. Over a period of 9 months I researched the system's background, sources, methods and content, in order to write and develop a satisfactory set of teaching and learning materials. I then taught Angelic Reiki in this manner for 18 months, until in 2009 some new regulations and conditions concerning the teaching processes were introduced, some of which as an experienced Energy-worker and Teacher I did not feel comfortable complying with. Non-compliance meant that I could no longer teach the system, and after much heart-searching I decided I was being called to "let go" of Angelic Reiki completely.

I soon realised that this freed me to completely re-address (and transform) the teaching materials I had already researched and developed, utilising the knowledge and experience gained through my own profound and very personal connections with Metatron and the Archangelic Realms. Thus over a period of another year I developed a new system for healing and personal growth, which I named "Angelic Multidimensional Healing". I felt that this title encompassed the vastness of what can be achieved with the aid and support of the Angelic (and other) Realms, whilst additionally acknowledging that how and what was to be taught was unquestionably not the same as that which was taught to me under the banner of Angelic Reiki. Then, as I worked with Mark to develop the course further, our Archangelic Teachers and Guides encouraged us to prepare a very methodically constructed course that requires Practitioners (and Teachers) to clarify and develop their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensional energy systems with increasing awareness and skill at each new stage of the training. We were also asked to ensure that each stage of the Professional training be undertaken conscientiously and responsibly, thus ensuring that Practitioners and Teachers alike achieve a very high standard of competency - and also enabling them to see, understand and know the awe-inspiring results of their hard work and dedication. The result was a comprehensive and multifaceted system, which turned out to be more profound than anything we had encountered before, and which surpassed all our expectations and dreams.

As an interesting aside, as I worked on writing my new materials I was reminded that the painting I originally commissioned for my Angelic Reiki courses from Alison Knox was used on her website in February 2008 to accompany her "thought for the month", which said: 
"There are times when we are challenged to uphold our Truth. This is not just a question of holding an "opinion" or even a "belief", as both of these can be shaken or changed to suit our situation or current mindset. To uphold a Truth is something inherent; implicit; absolute. It takes courage. When we deny our Truth, we deny our Self and in that denial we leave ourselves diminished and broken. This may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer, but over time bitterness and resentment move in, tainting everything that we touch and feel. It becomes an unexpressed grief, a burden: a tragedy. In Truth we lay ourselves open and naked, we risk all. Will you risk all for your Truth?" 
At the time she first sent me the artwork the words did not make sense - but on later reflection they reassure me that I made the right decision to stand by MY Truth and write and teach what my heart (and soul) feels to be right. This was confirmed for me through a profoundly deep spiritual experience and Blessing of Light given to me by my own dear Teaching Angel (who knows ALL about "Truth"!), who has been (literally) behind me, encouraging and supporting me throughout. I now proudly carry an energetic imprint of a fiery winged orb upon my brow, which identifies me as an Exemplar and witness to the Archaeon in our joint undertaking of spreading the Light and Word of the Divine upon Earth.

CREATING THE music for amd: 

Towards the start of the process of researching, writing and compiling the AMD course Mark and I knew that we had to compose and record the music that was to be used for the AMD teaching and attunement processes, despite us both disavowing any musical composition talent whatsoever! The Archaeon were certainly out "in force" for the days we got together with Chris Furner of "Fit-dog" recording studios to make this happen, and you can hear the results on an edited CD "Angelic Web of Light" (now available to purchase as a CD or MP3 download - follow this link to hear samples and/or make a purchase) that was sponsored by Archaeon Gabriel, Michael, Azrael, Metatron, Raphael and Uriel.

more about Hilary and mark:

Hilary is a clairaudient and conscious channel who works closely with the Higher Realms of Spirit. She studied and worked in the field of complementary therapies and esoteric studies between 1993 and 2020, and was made a Fellow of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 2017. Over the years she qualified as a Crystal Therapist; an AMD Teaching Master; a Master Healer of the Omni-dimensional New Shamballa System; an Aromatherapist and Bodywork Practitioner; an advanced EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner; and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is now semi-retired, but still works as an AMD Teaching Master and a Reiki Master Teacher of the Tibetan/Usui system; and works closely with a group of Self-realised Ascended Beings that she knows as "Unity Consciousness" in researching materials and tools to aid and support her own (and others') personal and spiritual growth. More recently she is channelling and writing books based on her experience in working with Archangels and Ascended Masters for personal spiritual growth, healing and transformation - the first of which (a 400+ page hard-back book called Walking With Archangels) has now been published.
For more information - or to buy a copy - visit the Publisher's website hhttp://www.unityconsciousnessbooks.com

Mark is a trance channel, conscious channel and proficient out-of-body traveller with a natural affinity for working with multi-Dimensional Light and Energy. His clairvoyant abilities enable him to 'see' energies and auras and commune with Beings in other Dimensions (including personal Guides, animal totems and Light Beings), and this has been - and remains - invaluable in our spiritual lives today. He has always had an interest in how the mind affects the body, and gained many qualifications in a wide range of mind-body-spirit therapies since the start of his spiritual journey in 1994. Until his semi-retirement in 2021 he practised as a Master NLP Hypnotherapist (including Past-Life Regression), a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Crystal Healer and Energy Worker, an AMD Master Practitioner, and a Reiki Master Practitioner. He still works part-time as an AMD Teaching Master and a Reiki Master Teacher of the Tibetan/Usui system; and passing on the knowledge and skills he has acquired over 25+ years of practising and teaching a range of complementary therapies and esoteric studies is still a big part of what he loves doing.


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