Angelic Multidimensional Healing:
Training options and OVERVIEW

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This page offers an overview of the AMD training options and outlines each stage to help you decide the options that will best support your own personal healing and growth - and perhaps enable you to aid others in their healing and growth as well! It includes information about indemnity insurance for Practitioners and follow-up support available for all those who train in the AMD system.


A new 2-day "attended" course has been created for those who would like to work with the Realms of the Angelics for their own personal healing and growth (and for their family and friends), but who might not wish to take the more intensive training (see section below). This course will not qualify you to become a Professional AMD Practitioner/Teacher. 

N.B: This 2-day course is an "optional extra" and is NOT a pre-requisite for those who wish to undertake the Professional Practitioner / Teacher courses detailed below. Having said that, it is a useful introduction to AMD for those that might choose to continue their development with AMD at a later stage!


The  full Professional (Practitioner and Teacher) training is in four parts: (click on links below or header-bar /drop-down menu above for full details)

The first four stages (three levels) of the Professional Practitioner and Teacher training course are taught in person over nine full days to ensure that sufficient time and space is given to practise all the techniques and understand and assimilate what is being given and learnt; the final stage is offered only to experienced Teachers and is a non-attended "home study" module. Each level includes a very comprehensive training manual in colour (each of up to 95 pages, depending on course level*). A Continuing Professional Development certificate is also available.

*NOTE: each manual is VERY full (although of course it is impossible to include everything!) and is written in English. The font size and typeset is similar to that of most normal books, but in A4 format with single line spacing.  If you have any difficulties with reading, (such as impaired vision or dyslexia) please inform your Master when booking the course; and if you need your manual formatted in a certain way (e.g. specific style / size / spacing of font; colour of ink / paper etc.) this can be arranged, as long as AT LEAST 3 weeks notice is given. There will, however, be an additional fee to pay of £50 per unique manual, which is payable to your teacher in advance of the course at the time of booking.

Learning and progressing with AMD - WHO; WHAT; WHEN:

The new "Angel-Heart" Healing course is suitable for anyone who would like to work closely with the Angelic Realm for their own self-healing, self-growth and self-understanding, and who may also like to learn a simple healing technique that they may use on a non-professional basis to help and support their family and friends. It is an ideal and gentle introduction to AMD, enabling people to gain an understanding of how the system works and feels on a very basic level - it is not however a pre-requisite for those who wish to embark on the Professional training.

For anyone contemplating taking the first Professional course (stage 1/2 - Practitioner level), pre-existing knowledge or experience of healing modalities or energy work is not a necessary requirement. Many people will be ready and able to accept the energies of stages 1 and 2 even if they have no apparent experience of energy work or healing, because the raising of an individual's vibratory rate does not always take place consciously or within an aware state. Practitioner level training often ignites a very deep and profound awakening on a core level and for many people this will be precisely the catalyst they require at that time, helping them find their path and recognise their True Self, whilst motivating their growth and initiating change on many levels.

Before proceeding to the Mastery courses, time is required for the Practitioner (stage 1/2) level energies to be assimilated and the material presented worked with and thoroughly understood. Assimilation time may vary greatly from person to person, but a minimum of 7-11 months (depending on experience) must elapse between taking the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses to allow sufficient time for people to practise and understand the first principles before proceeding further. Those who are actively working on their spiritual and personal growth to help clear and extend their energy bodies will find that, as a consequence of their efforts, they are ready to move on and accept the Higher energies of stage 3 (and then 4 and 5) more quickly.

Similar principles apply between taking Master Practitioner and moving on to Master Teacher level, but less emphasis is placed upon time scales and more upon the person's understanding of, and proficiency in, the previous stages. All those wishing to teach AMD will need to show an understanding of all the processes learnt in the previous stages; demonstrate a respect for the Power of the energies being worked with; and be capable of holding and working with the High energies generated through this system before being accepted onto a Teacher's course.

Once sufficient time has elapsed and it is judged that sufficient practical experience of teaching students to stages 1-3 has been acquired it is possible to complete the full training programme and become a full Teaching Master of the AMD system.

professional bodies and insurance:

It is recommended that all certificated AMD Practitioners join an appropriate Professional body or organisation and obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance before they offer their services to the public as AMD Practitioners or Teachers. This "Angelic Multidimensional Healing" course has so far been accepted by the bodies mentioned below, who have included AMD in their list of approved courses for indemnity insurance purposes:

follow-up and on-going support:

All those who teach Angelic Multidimensional Healing hold regular share meetings for their student Practitioners, to share healing, news and updates as well as providing an opportunity to meet Angelic friends old and new. Details of these (frequency, dates and times) are available through each Master Teacher (see details on the "Find a Teacher" page).